Wednesday, February 15, 2012

THE WEDNESDAY HANGOVER - Post Valentine's Edition

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This post has been Rated M for Mature by the Blog Association of America (BAA) for Adult Language and Mild Cartoon Violence.

Every Wednesday, I'll post reader-submitted pictures and videos on that week's THE SUNDAY FUNNIES theme. So if you don't laugh, you have no one but yourselves to blame.

That's some spicy chili!! (From Katrina S.)

This made me laugh an unreasonable amount. (From Kathy W.) 
What Valentine's Day in Elementary School is Like.  (From Ian G.)

I have some fellow Walking Dead fans.  (From John T.)
Now, that's love.  (From Danielle E.)
For that special...uhhh... (From Brian K.)

Oh, Barney. So wise beyond your years. (Also from Ian G.)
Still the best Valentine of all time.  (From Matt R.)

And this was just absolutely adorable.  (From Jenny M.)

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