Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reason # 8,347,822 Why I'm Pretty Sure I Love Ellen Degeneres

I'm pretty certain I am head-over-heels in love with Ellen Degeneres.  In fact, I think I love absolutely everything about her, from her adoration of below-average dancing to her trademark joke delivery to the fact that there was only one member of the "Arrested Development" cast whom she could marry...and she married her. (And she did NOT make a huge mistake, incidentally.)

Recently, JC Penney made Ellen a spokesperson for the store. In reaction, an anti-gay rights group called "One Million Moms" asked that JC Penney fire her, because she is gay.  Also, JC Penney, being an awesome company, has stood by Ellen.  (And to think how my classmates and I mocked JC Penney's clothes when we were kids!!)  Still, in an eloquent, intelligent, and of course, funny manner, Ellen responded to this group.  My favorite line: "For a group called 'One Million Moms', they only have 40,000 followers on their Facebook page.  I mean, I get it: They're rounding to the closest million."

For those who don't know, I am a straight, divorced father of two adorable twin girls.  I am also an adamant supporter of gay rights and gay marriage.  I mean, you know, if everyone wants to do that straight thing in private, in their own bedroom, that's cool, too. Just don't be all hetero around me, okay?  

Now that I've alienated my share of reader (not a typo), please watch this excellent video.

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